Commercial Property for Lease:

 New Rental!

Commercial Building for Rent! 

2404 Main Street

Contact: Jim Cusimano at 406-939-0174

 Special Features:
1,200 sq ft
$1,500/month rent

Residential Properties for Rent:
 New Rental!

$585 per month +
$550 Deposit

*Most utilities included


Contact: 406-852-0062
 Special Features:  
  • 1 bedroom apartment in a duplex+ bonus room
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Nice location
  • Small yard
  • Newly remodeled
  • No smoking/ No pets
New Rental!

$900 per month 
$900 deposit
712 Woodbury

Contact: Liberty at 406-852-3667

 Special Features:  
  • 3 Bedroom 2 Bath
  • Open kitchen with side by side refrigerator and dishwasher.  
  • W/D included.
  • Pets okay with additional deposit. 
New Rental!

 Contact: Carrie at 406-951-5222
 Special Features:  
1 Bedroom for rent.
Call for more information.
 New Rentals!

Riverview Apartments

Contact: 406-234-4168
(Ask for Todd Steadman)
Email: todd@milescityapartments.com
  Special Features:  
A planned community of thoughtful, spacious apartment homes with luxurious amenities and spectacular views of the majestic Tongue River and historic Miles City.

*For more information click here.
Or visit www.milescityaparments.com.
Rental Contacts:
   Contact: 406-234-6111

Owner: T&J Properties, Inc.
   Contact: 406-852-3667

Owner: Liberty
  Contact: 406-234-8682

Owner: R&B Rentals
  Contact: 406-234-1290

Owner: Pete Ronning
  Contact: 406-874-0780

Owner: Gary Parks
  Contact: 406-234-0362

Owner: Jo Lynn Anderson mgr. (Palisades Apartments- North Highway 59)
  Contact: 406-234-7037

Owner: Rob Lund mgr. (Orr Apartments- 804 1/2 Orr)
  Contact: 406-234-2245

Owner: Rick Hardy mgr. (Miles Villa-2709 Main Street)
  Contact: 406-234-2191

Owner: Milestone Property Management (Various Apartments, Homes)
  Contact: 406-232-0255

Owner: Sandra Lockie (Lockie Apartments-1003 Pleasant Street)
  Contact: 406-234-2245

Owner: Rick Hardy (Larson Apartments- 601 N. Montana)
  Contact: 406-234-1020

Owner: Jack & Jan Nesbit, mgrs. (Fort Custer Apts.-120 South Custer)
  Contact: 406-234-5320

Owner: Eagles Manor-1000 Palmer (Retirement Apartments)
  Contact: 406-234-5321

Owner: Custer Village Apartments-10 Ponderosa (Section 8 Housing: Anne Marie Wallette)
  Contact: 406-234-7755

Owner: Custer Villa Apartments-210 Arrowhead Ln. (Section 8 Housing)
  Contact: 406-232-5544

Owner: Curtis Fillafer or June Nelson cell #406-951-3800 (Chamberlain Apartments-21 N. 4th)
  Contact: 406-234-1666

Owner: Angeline Brodston (Brodston Apartments-215 N. 11th)

Contact: 406-234-4775

Owner: Aron Aye

  Contact: 406-853-3750

Owner: APL-J Properties, LLC (Bill Cathey)
  Contact: 406-234-0020

Owner: Sandi Bruce 
  Contact: 406-853-0671

Owner: Mike Conley
406-853-2191 (John)
406-853-3797 (Jennifer)

John & Jennifer Goff
  Contact: 406-232-3074

Owner: Terry Hanson (Colgrove Apartments-904 Pleasant Street)
  Contact: 406-234-8056 or 406-853-1002

Owner: Jim Keith
  Contact: 406-690-3623

At Home Management
(Marc Leesburg)
  Contact: 406-672-5119

Owner: McKinney Properties (Rebecca)
  Contact: 406-234-1993

Owner: Colman & Shirley Meyers (Meyers Apartments-3510 Comstock)
  Contact: 406-234-5266

Owner: Carrie Pederson
  Contact: 406-853-1437

Owner: Doug Rein
  Contact: 406-232-8603 or 406-232-3084 (work)

Owner: Rich/Ted Shieffert
  Contact: 406-234-8603 or 406-951-1042 (ask for Nancy)

Owner: Todd Steadman
  Contact: 406-232-1597 or 406-853-5965

Owner: Tracie/Darby Vosler
  Contact: 406-234-5320

Owner: Tom Wankel

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